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Greening Wingrove have adopted policies and procedures to guide how the organisation operates. They help us to make sure that everything we do is legal, fair, and works properly. They also help you to understand how we work, to have your say in the organisation, and to let us know if you have any issues with anything we do. 


Greening Wingrove’s Constitution is a legally-binding document stating who we are, what we are there for, and how we manage meetings, decision-making and finances. 

GW CIC Articles and Constitution Amended 24 February 2018 (1)

Resolving Disputes Policy

We hope that most of the time, everyone involved with Greening Wingrove at whatever level, can exist in harmony. However, we recognise that sometimes disputes occur, and our Resolving Disputes policy sets out a procedure for trying to ensure that these are resolved fairly and in good time.

Greening Wingrove Resolving Disputes Policy 2024