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Grow Your Own Veg

Learning how to grow Vertical Veg has been a key and fun element of Greening Wingrove’s work. The work has been driven by a vision to help start ‘greening’ the streets of Wingrove, through encouraging residents to think creatively about the often small spaces available at the front of their homes as growing spaces. 

Teaming up with Mark Ridsdill Smith, founder of Vertical Veg, the Greening Wingrove team wanted to explore how veg could be grown vertically, in pots, hanging baskets and in so many other innovative ways and how this could be productive.

The Vertical Veg programme has proved highly popular, through delivery of sessions based on the streets of Wingrove, open to anyone with little or lots of knowledge about growing veg. Sessions have seen people from different sections of the diverse community come together, have fun whilst learning and see connections being made between neighbours. Also, very importantly the sessions have helped to connect people with their own healthy home-grown produce and enjoy the satisfaction growing something yourself. 

To find out how you can grow your own food click HERE to download all the information sheets with great advice and tips from Mark. 

Also, the 2017 programme of dates will be released shortly – so watch this space!