Action on Litter

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is a major concern many living, working and playing in the Wingrove area share.

Through support via the Community Innovation Fund and the dynamic community organising approach (which brings communities together by responding directly to what issues matter most to them), the Community Co-op has been successful in mobilising regular resident-led community litter picks. The co-op has engaged in valuable dialogue with Newcastle City Council on litter and waste, resulting in positive cooperation between the bodies in beginning to tackle the issue.  Further support was also secured from Karbon Homes, to fund a Community Organiser to develop further relationships with residents in the community.

Regular litter pick events open to all:

  • Monthly – Third Saturday of the month, different meeting points
  • Weekly – Mondays 10am (except Bank Holidays) Nuns Moor Park
  • Weekly – Mondays 10am Bentinck Road/West Road
  • Weekly – Wednesdays 2pm Severus Road
  • Weekly – Wednesdays 4pm Wingrove Gardens Madina Mosque

Many other litter picks are now being initiated by individual residents and neighbours right across the West End, playing a key role in ensuring they are part of the movement to make a real difference to the area.

Check our Events Page for details about local litter picks.

Communal Waste Bins have replaced green and blue bins in many parts of our area, and there are plans to bring in more. Opinion however is divided on whether they are making our streets look better or worse. Greening Wingrove CIC has been asking residents what they think and will be presenting opinions to the City Council, as part of a strategy to use local feedback to shape the way services are delivered in our area. You can add your voice by completing this short online survey.

For further information, get in touch with Community Organiser, Katrina Jordison via email or call 07954 813137.

page updated 27 July 2017