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Our Activities

Greening Wingrove and Arthur’s Hill (GWAH) Community Interest Company works with local residents and others to deliver ‘environment’ projects that enhance the local area and make it a more pleasant place to live.

Set up in 2013, we have worked with hundreds of local people organising community events, learning how to grow food at home, tackling litter, providing educational opportunities, looking after local green spaces, encouraging cycle use, creating ‘wildlife corridors’ and providing community space for residents to enjoy some of what nature has to offer. We also provide volunteering opportunities and act as a voice for local people.

Currently, we have six key projects we are promoting.

Wild West End focuses on ‘at risk’ bats, hedgehogs, swifts and housemartins and hopes to train up to 50 local residents in mapping different species, using the information to create wildlife-friendly environments in the heart of the West End.

Nuns Moor Park in Arthur’s Hill is one of the area’s few green gems and for more than 130 years has provided a setting for local residents to relax, play and enjoy nature. A volunteer-run Friends of Nuns Moor Park group (open to all) plays an active part in its upkeep. Check out its Facebook page.

The Bike Garden is located in Nuns Moor Park. Formerly an outdoor  bowls venue, it has been transformed into a vibrant community-run space providing volunteering opportunities, a place to hire bicycles and with its indoor pavilion, a popular venue to hire for parties and events. Check out the latest news on availability for hire and Covid-19 precautions.

Vertical Veg has worked with hundreds of local people at well-attended street sessions over the past six years, encouraging residents to grow herbs, vegetables, fruit and other plants in their back yards and at the front of their homes. It is currently distributing free homegrowing kits, letting local residents grow their own salad ingredients.

A Community Orchard, with 35 apple varieties and ‘heritage fruits’ not common in the UK since Victorian times (mulberry, quince, medlar, gage), was planted by volunteers in rough meadow in Nuns Moor Park. The orchard encourages biodiversity and fruit is free to pick when ripe.

Action On Litter supports a number of volunteer litter picks, some monthly, some weekly, led by local residents in different parts of Arthur’s Hill and Wingrove. GWAH raises resident concerns about littering, fly-tipping and recycling with the City Council.

GWAH is a voice for local residents. If you live here you matter! Get in touch if you want to volunteer or get your concerns heard by those with the power to take action.

updated 31 July 2020