Get Involved

  • Apple Day 2016 - Pizza Oven Volunteer

Do you have time to spare? Do you want to give something back or learn a new skill? 

It’s easy to volunteer for Greening Wingrove! We have lots of different ways you can get involved with lots of different time commitments. 

Whether you’re interested in any of the opportunities below or want to explore something else,  please get in touch with Andrew to initially meet up and let you know how you can get involved. 

Join The Community Co-operative
The Greening Wingrove Community Interest Company (CIC) is a community co-operative that aims to improve the appearance and social ambience of its area in the West End of Newcastle upon Tyne with the intention of creating a sustainable, inner-city garden suburb, reflecting the diversity of its population as Newcastle’s ‘Rainbow Ward’. Find out more about the Greening Wingrove CIC by clicking on ‘Join the Community Coop’ on the right hand side of this page.