Local Voices

Greening Wingrove is all about the people who live there and who better to tell us what’s happening and what matters than its residents?  

So we want to hear from you! We want your pictures, your videos, your memories, your views and what you want to share about your events.

This website is for those living in Wingrove, Arthur’s Hill, Spital Tongues and New Mills Estate and we want it to genuinely reflect the richness of our area, its creativity, its life and its people.  But we need YOU to help make this happen.

  • Maybe you’d like to contribute a regular video blog or a column, or perhaps showcase some of your photographs of the area?
  • Do you have a passion for the arts, music, gardening, local history?
  • Do you help manage a local building or organisation?
  • Maybe you have a bee in your bonnet about litter, community relations or things to do?
  • Maybe you used to live here and have some fond memories to share?

Whatever the issue, whichever way you can contribute, if it’s about the Greening Wingrove area we really would like to hear from you.

If you need help, there is help at hand, ranging from video to radio and journalism expertise and we are keen to encourage those who wish to learn new media skills. You do not have to be an expert to contribute! You don’t even have to be great at English. Remember … a picture can paint a thousand words. We are also seeking contributions in Urdu, Bengali and Arabic as well as other languages spoken in our community.

If you live, work or play in Wingrove, Arthur’s Hill, New Mills or Spital Tongues, we want to hear from you.

Email: hello@greeningwingrove.org.uk
Telephone: 0191 2126119