When Shopping Can Help

Shopping Scheme Helps Wingrove and Arthur’s Hill

Shopping at the Co-op and buying Co-op branded products can now help Greening Wingrove and Arthur’s Hill raise funds for our vertical veg growing work.

“We’re over the moon that the Co-op is to spend the next year helping us with financial support through their Local Community Fund“, says Greening Wingrove chair Nigel Todd. 

This means that Co-op members who buy Co-op branded goods in Co-op shops can devote 1% of the value of their purchases to Greening Wingrove.

“Any money raised in this way will assist our partnership with Vertical Veg North East to continue and expand the vertical veg growing programme”, says Nigel.

The Co-op has advised,  “Encourage your supporters, volunteers friends and family to become a Co-op member if they are not already members”.

You can join online at https://membership.coop.co.uk/new-registration

Once you have your Co-op membership card, sign up to support Greening Wingrove as a local Cause at https://www.coop.co.uk/membership. [We’re under Wellbeing on the Causes menu.] Your 1% per shop with the Co-op can then start to generate money to support our work. 5% will also go into your membership account which you can use to give you a discount on further shopping.

Our nearest Co-op shops are on Cedar Road (corner with Two Ball Lonnen), Market Street (city centre), Newcastle University (side of the King’s Walk Students’ Union building). Buying at any Co-op outlet however, means we can benefit from your 1%.

The fund continues until 24 October 2020.