Out ‘n’ About in Wingrove – Studley Terrace

What are your tips for keeping warm this winter?


Lilian Held, Beaconsfield Street

At this time of year, you really have to wrap up warm by putting extra layers on. Also, in the house, I make sure to put the heating on. I know that for some people it’s a difficult choice to make.

Georgebeu Andreea, Croydon Road

Having lots of hot drinks!


Ellen Powell, General Hospital

Wearing thermals and long johns!


Ahmed SuhelNuns Moor Road

I love to keep warm by having a nice cup of tea when I’ve come in from the cold outside.


CSO Green

West Road Police Station

Keep moving and keep yourself warm!


ArinzeNorthcote Street

I make sure I put the heater on when it’s cold in my house. I also put on extra layers of clothes.




Want to find out more ways to keep your house warm during the cold months? Here’s a great list of 14 low-tech ways to do just that from the BBC website.