Out ‘n’ About in Wingrove – Stanhope Street

What do you like about living in the Wingrove area?



John Youens and dog, Ruby, Northcote Street

I noticed the planters have been tidied up, which looks good. I often take Ruby for walks to the allotments near Gloucester Road, to stretch her legs. And of course, living 5-10 minutes away from Newcastle City Centre, is really handy.

Anne Kelly and dog, Bettyvp4, Stanton Street

I live near some very lovely neighbours.


Karla Loveday and vp2Karen Turton, Stanton Street

We love how close we live next to Newcastle City Centre


Khatoon KhanGrainger Parkvp32

Always visit the shops on Stanhope Street and bring my mum along with me so she can get me some bargains!



Georgina Llewelyn and dogs, Blu and Deif

Dilston Road

I recently moved to the area from Gosforth because we wanted to live in a vibrant place, bringing the children up, with the plus of being close to our many friends in the area

Louis ThomasTamworth Roadvp6

If you look down Stanhope Street, you can see everything you need, all your needs are met. St James’ Park is so close, it’s within spitting distance! There are 3 great schools in the immediate area. Honestly, I could shut my eyes and know my where I am, and not get run over! (Please don’t try this yourself!)

vp7Milorad Orsos and his granddaughter, Anastacia

Croydon Road

I’ve lived in the area for 17 years, so I know a lot of people that live here and a lot of people know me. It’s really good for me that all the shops are so close by


Kevin Harrison, Gainsborough Grove

I love Nuns Moor Park