Litter – From a Global Perspective

Arthur’s Hill resident and university student, Gabriel Bamidele, explores differences between attitudes to litter here and in his homeland.

“Coming from a Commonwealth country in western Africa I am really surprised and realise how much people take for granted the services provided by the local authority.”

“Here, there are so many resources (particularly regarding removal of litter or fly-tipping), but are we making full use of the help that is offered?

“In my own country, we have no such help. Where I come from the few little bins we have are in public places, managed by the Government, and are always used.”

So what needs to change?

“I love this country so much that I wish people would have the values that I would expect. I realise the majority do, but a sizeable minority have no regard for the local environment, with litter being dropped thoughtlessly. This affects everyone’s quality of life.

“Please don’t take for granted the help that authorities have provided.”

 Gabriel has now started volunteering with other like-minded residents, joining regular neighbourhood clean-ups in Arthur’s Hill on the third Saturday of each month.

“It is an avenue to contribute to the cleaning of our environment”, he says, and “a way to make your impact felt.”

Feel passionate as Gabriel? Greening Wingrove holds regular litter picks. Contact us for more information at