The Education Of Kay Greyson

Our very own Kay Greyson made TV screens across the North East this week, promoting the positive aspects of life in the West End.

The hip-hop artist has been a feature of music life in the area for nearly a decade, despite being just 20 years old. Her musical talent was nurtured by the area’s CHAT Trust and the GemArts project, East By North East.

Kay now runs free weekly girl’s music sessions in the demo studio at 250 Philip Street, Arthur’s Hill, on Wednesday evenings, helping others learn lyric-writing skills, rapping, musicianship and performance arts.

Keen to help youngsters in the neighbourhood where her “whole life is”, she believes there are lots of “people that are overlooked”.

There is one big advantage we have here though, and that is “a real sense of community … where everybody looks out for for everybody.”

“In my raps I really want to highlight that”, she says.

Her fledgling career featured on BBC1 North East & Cumbria current affairs broadcast Inside Out, which looked at Kay’s latest venture, encouraging students at Excelsior Academy to explore the world of rapping.

Students at ‘rap class’ turn up thinking they’re going to “sit and write raps”.

“They don’t realise that just through doing that, they’re learning how to write poetry … they’re learning how to speak to people, and project, and be a performer … and that’s a viable career path.”

If you missed Kay’s appearance, you can catch a trailer, or watch the whole show.