Online Vertical Veg Training

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Join Vertical Veg North East in this online training session and learn how to prevent and manage pests – without nasty chemicals.

It’s really demoralising when your carefully raised plants are decimated by slugs, attacked by aphids or pulled out by blackbirds, but you don’t need chemicals to keep them at bay. The secret to growing healthy crops without pesticides is to do all you can to prevent pests in the first place.

This online session will look at the different ways you can do this. Then the focus will be on the most common common urban pests, like slugs, snails, cats, birds, aphids or leaf miner, and understanding how to manage them.

Open to all living in Arthur’s Hill and Wingrove ward areas. 7pm Tuesday 9 June. You can book your place through Eventbrite.

To help cover costs, Vertical Veg is asking for a donation, but, says organiser Mark, “We know that this crisis is affecting people in very different ways”. If you are not in a position to pay, email for a free place.

This online session is one of many lined up about gardening in small spaces and due to Covid-19 restrictions replace the popular Arthur’s Hill and Wingrove ‘Street Meets’.