1000 David Attenboroughs – Week 7


Hi all,

This weeks’ task is …

Looking from a different perspective!

We spend all our time looking down at what is growing. So, find some plants that are one or two feet tall and look up at them from below. If doing this with children get them to pretend to be a spider or a snail!

What can you see?

Looking at the plants next to my step, I saw the veins of the leaves against the light and the hairs on the plant stems. I saw the seeds of the honesty developing in the seed pods.

Butterfly Eggs

I saw butterfly eggs underneath an honesty leaf, cuckoo spit (which is produced by a bug called a froghopper, see photo) four spiders and a multitude of aphids under the rose leaves. Then, while writing this, a sparrow came and ate the aphids!

Cuckoo Spit, produced by a bug called a froghopper