1000 David Attenboroughs – Week 6

Task 1
Insects and flowers interactions and drawing!

So we are now in the season of flowers! Watch and see which flowers are visited by insects.

Look closely at the flowers and draw them. There are lots of flower shapes, from foxglove to primroses, to daisies (what we think of one flower is actually lots of little flowers all squashed together) to cow parsley (which are little five petalled flowers in groups, a bit like tiny umbrellas!) Look closely and draw some of the different types.

Insects can get nectar and pollen much more easily from single flowers (eg the white cherry) than from double flowers (eg the pink cherry).

Does your garden have lots of double flowers and not enough single flowers? This link has more info.

Task 2
Smell the perfume of the Hawthorn

The Hawthorn, sometimes called Maythorn or just ‘May’ is in flower in nuns moor park. I think the scent is strongest when the flowers are young. If you look closely you will see the male parts of the flower, the anthers, are pink. Again, I think they are only pink when the flowers have just opened.


Picture of Sir David Attenborough © International Monetary Fund 2019 – Used under Creative Commons Licence (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)