1000 David Attenboroughs – Week 5

Would you like to be a David Attenborough?!

Take the first steps with Wild West End to learn the skills to be an ecologist.

During this time of coronavirus we have been sending out tasks, some of which can be done looking out the window, others from sitting on your step or in your back yard or garden, or if you are leaving the house, on your walk in the park (please keep apart from others and only go to the parks if the Government allows this).

We are now in Week Five and this week’s task is

  1. Look Up!

    The housemartins and swallows are starting to return! I saw a swallow on Friday high up in the sky. These amazing birds travel all the way from southern Africa every year to nest here. They even fly over the Sahara Desert!

    They nest on buildings- housemartins make nests out of mud, usually under the eaves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrmzbGXmvOQ

    If you have a house martin nest you are very lucky 🙂💚 as they are very choosy about where to nest and have chosen your home after flying for 1000s of miles!

Wild West End is a two year project funded through the National Lottery Heritage Fund.


Picture of Sir David Attenborough © International Monetary Fund 2019 – Used under Creative Commons Licence (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)