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Saving Energy

Saving Energy

To help you along the way, Greening Wingrove has now launched an energy saving project in the area, which aims to help people use energy more efficiently at home, ultimately to save money! The project will also focus on helping those most in need of help, making sure that they are matched to the right energy tariffs and best value options available in the market.

Keeping track of your energy usage is very useful and help a great deal in making your money go further. As part of the project, residents living in the area will be offered a smart monitor (pictured below), a simple device that can give you your electricity consumption in real time and allow you to detect the most energy intensive devices at home (i.e. kettles, washing machines, electric showers).  Using the monitor, residents be able to calculate how much money they are spending in a day, a week or even a month.

The energy project will be carried out by a trained Home Energy Advisor, Eric Siqueiros, who will be carrying out home visits, offering face to face advice on saving energy. The scope of the advice will involve addressing energy bills concerns, sharing the importance of providing meter readings, comparison on suppliers and making sure that the residents are confident that they have the right tariffs suited to their circumstances and where possible helping residents to apply for Warm Homes Discount.

Through this project, we hope Wingrove residents will feel more confident when it comes to understanding more about energy matters at home, so that they can ultimately save money.

If you are interested in receiving a home visit and a smart monitor, contact Eric Siqueiros at:

07771 577950