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ESOL Energy in the Home Course Materials 

ESOL Energy Course Materials


Saving on energy use and resources like water is something we could all probably improve on. It’s often difficult to know where to start, but it can be done if we all work together and take small steps at a time. And, of course, it may save you money too! 

Greening Wingrove identified an opportunity to help students and learners to develop their skills and understanding of the English language in relation to energy and energy efficiency. The project has worked in partnership with energy experts NEA (National Energy Action), an ESOL tutor and designer Morph Creative, to bring together activities and information that will make the content as relevant to the learners’ everyday lives and increase their understanding of the issues around energy use and how to save money.

The result is the compilation of a comprehensive set of resources for ESOL (English as a Second Language) tutors to use to deliver to their students at both entry level and level one stages of their study.

The resources may also be used in a non-ESOL context, as they provide vital information that people from all sections of the community can benefit from, from schools to community venues.

Whether you are an ESOL tutor or represent an organisation that would be interested in accessing the materials, please follow the link to our contact form and complete your request.

Please download the materials HERE