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Join the 
Community Co-op


By joining the CIC, you can help secure a stronger voice for all those who live in our part of Newcastle.

116 individual Members, 33 individual Friends and 20 organisations have joined the CIC’s community co-operative.

Any eligible resident over the age of 16 years who lives in the Greening Wingrove area can become a member of the CIC.

Though we act for the good of the whole community, we’re working on ideas for tangible benefits for members as well. 

CIC members:

  • Own the CIC and control its future.
  • Can attend members’ meetings and elect 12 members to steer the co-op and look after its finances.
  • Are consulted about CIC campaigns an direction.
  • Receive regular information about CIC activities, progress, events and local environmental issues.
  • Are offered first choice on discounts, ticket offers and other items that become available from time to time.

Don’t delay – Join today!