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The Greening Wingrove Community Interest Company (CIC) is a community co-operative that aims to improve the appearance and social ambience of its area in the West End of Newcastle upon Tyne with the intention of creating a sustainable, inner-city garden suburb, reflecting the diversity of its population as Newcastle’s ‘Rainbow Ward’.

It costs nothing to become a member – click here to fill in a membership application form. Members must be at least 16 years of age, and may be required to pay no more than £1 each in the event of Greening Wingrove Community Interest Company being wound up with liabilities.

What is the Community Co-op?

The community cooperative came into existence when the original residents group, which initially developed the Greening Wingrove idea, decided to take on a more formal structure so that it could open more doors to opportunities in the future.

The organisation continues to be led by residents passionate about bringing change to the Wingrove Ward and New Mills’ Estate.

Our Vision

Greening Wingrove CIC’s vision is making Wingrove a better place to be

Mission – what we do

Greening Wingrove CIC acts, campaigns and supports others to create a greener and cleaner place which helps to make people feel better about themselves and where we live

Values – how we work together              

Democratic, fun, solidarity, aspirational and purposeful


Strategic aims – our big ideas to achieve our Mission

  1. Improve Wingrove’s streets and back lanes
  2. Improve green spaces in Wingrove
  3. Revitalise Nun’s Moor Park 

  4. Improve neighbourhood resilience in the face of climate change
  5. Develop the local economy and employment opportunities in Wingrove
  6. Grow Greening Wingrove CIC as a sustainable community enterprise able to deliver its priorities


Major workstreams – to put our aims into effect

  1. Improve Wingrove’s streets and back lanes
  • reducing litter and waste
  • working with the City Council to promote more effective systems for managing litter and waste
  • working with residents to bring about change in the way the streets and back lanes are looked after
  • improving the visual appearance of the streets.
  1. Improving green spaces in Wingrove
  • replace the ageing tree population
  • improve planting on Nun’s Moor Recreation Area
  • maintaining wildflower meadows
  • encouraging the food growing.
  1. Developing Nuns Moor Park
  • developing a community garden and orchard
  • managing the pavilion
  • working towards the asset transfer of the Depot
  • developing a management plan for the Park with Newcastle City Council.
  1. Support the expansion of renewable energy in the area
  • exploring the feasibility of developing and implementing a community renewable energy strategy