1000 David Attenboroughs Week 17


Grasses, Butterflies and Bees

Did you know that some butterflies lay their eggs on grasses and their caterpillars eat grass leaves?

In the Orchard in Nuns Moor Park there are Meadow Brown and Speckled Wood butterflies whose caterpillars feed on grasses Cocksfoot and Yorkshire Fog.

Some Honey Bees collect the pollen from Cocksfoot grass and some Bumble Bees live in the tussocks made by Cocksfoot.

This is the best time of year to identify grasses. Yorkshire Fog looks very different as it grows, all the grasses in the picture are Yorkshire Fog!

Crested Dogs Tail is found on The Moor. The stem looks a bit like a dog’s tail.

Cocksfoot grass flowering and afterwards