Wild West End intro

What is the Wild West End Project?

It is a two year project funded by the heritage Lottery Fund to see whether we have hedgehogs, swifts, house martins and bats living in Wingrove and Arthur’s Hill. All of these creatures are classified as ‘at risk’ as the numbers of them are declining in Britain. We want to understand where they nest, where they eat and where they sleep in the winter (hedgehogs and bats) so that together we can make the West End a better place for them.

What are our plans for 2020?

Before Covid-19 we were going to run training sessions at the end of April on how to survey for swifts and bats. We were identifying ‘transects’, a 45 minute walk around the streets, that would be walked once a month to survey for bats and once every 10 days for swifts and housemartins.

We may ask residents to do swift surveying as individuals or in two’s (for people who live together) from the end of April but it very much depends on what happens with Corona Virus.

Please keep the date of Sat 25th April free as we may run a zoom session on swift surveying then.

In the meantime please keep sending your sightings of swifts, hedgehogs, bats and housemartins with date, time and location (email below).

The project is running 1000 David Attenboroughs during lock down. Every week we set tasks to help you develop your ecology skills. If you would like to receive the tasks join our mailing list by emailing wildwestend@greeningwingrove.org.uk or follow us on facebook  https://www.facebook.com/Wild-West-End-Newcastle-471335296963629/?modal=admin_todo_tour