Who are we?

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What is Greening Wingrove?

Greening Wingrove is all about bringing the community of the Wingrove Ward (Arthur’s Hill, parts of Fenham, Spital Tongues) and New Mills’ Estate, Newcastle upon Tyne, together to take pride in the area in which they live by helping to empower residents to bring about positive change that will continue into the future.

Some of the key issues that Greening Wingrove is about promoting are:

  • Helping to improve the visual appearance of the Wingrove Ward and New Mills’ Estate. (See map of the project area)
  • Giving residents the ‘tools’ to feel confident about making a difference
  • Increasing awareness about issues that matter locally
  • Bringing the community together to have one voice

Who is Greening Wingrove?

Greening Wingrove is a movement which is delivered primarily by two organisations.

The Community Cooperative – Greening Wingrove Community Interest Company

The community cooperative came into existence when the original residents group, which initially developed the Greening Wingrove idea, decided to take on a more formal structure so that it could open more doors to opportunities in the future.

The organisation continues to be led by residents passionate about bringing change to the Wingrove Ward and New Mills’ Estate.

Find out more about the cooperative and how you can join to become a member HERE

The BIG Lottery Funded project – W.E.A. Greening Wingrove Project

The BIG Lottery Funded arm of Greening Wingrove is part of a Communities Living Sustainably programme, led by the Workers’ Educational Association, as lead partner. A community partnership project has been set up to support the people of Wingrove, to live sustainably through greening and growing, recycling and saving energy. This project was established in March 2013 to last over four and a half years.

To find out about the work done by Greening Wingrove, visit our ‘Previous work’ page HERE