Energy Matters!

Energy matters

The W.E.A. Greening Wingrove Project has big plans in relation to our energy work, which is all about helping residents to save money on their energy bills, learn about how to make their homes more energy efficient and how they can help the environment.

Energy in the home is one of the biggest contributors to climate change with carbon emissions coming from the burning of fossil fuels when heating and lighting the home.

To help tackle these issues on a local level in the Wingrove area, we will be rolling out a comprehensive energy programme for residents over the next 12 months.  Residents will be offered energy audits to be carried out in their homes, which will include looking at current energy usage, using a thermal imaging camera to identify areas of inefficiencies and being offered practical advice.

We also have a series of energy saving hints and tips that will be available to all. Members of the Project team now qualified as Energy Advisers will be on hand to help you in the home and advise you on energy related matters.

This year, we also have smart monitors for homes which are free to residents in the project area.  We can visit your home, fit the monitor and give practical advice on how to use it and make savings.  Please get in touch to arrange for a visit from one of the project team.

Did you know? Taking small measure such as closing the curtains at night, or turning down the thermostat by 1 degree can help save lots of money and energy?