Wellbeing Walks in Wingrove and the West End


What could be more enjoyable than getting out and about in your community and finding out about what’s going on in it; whilst meeting others, walking, talking, and generally getting fit and healthy at the same time?
This was the idea some amazing people at Time Exchange came up and have now been putting into action. They were lucky enough to receive a small grant from HealthWORKS Newcastle to help them to do these on a regular basis and they are also planning on making a funky map that will contain lots of information about local services and organisations in the Wingrove Ward area that people who live here may want to access.

Di Barnes Wellbeing Walk
These walks are still currently in the planning phases and the official launch of these will take place at the Nuns Moor Food Festival which is being held at the Nunsmoor Centre on Sunday 10th July 2016 at 12-4pm. Come along to find out more about these and ask Sunnie from the Time Exchange for more details and how you can get involved! Alternatively you can email the Time Exchange for more details: info@thetimeexchange.org
The most recent planning session saw a visit to The Spitler, the lovely community centre in Spital Tongues and a walk around Exhibition Park.