The NEW Greening Wingrove app – Technology for Good

We’re excited to share Greening Wingrove now has its own app!

The ‘Neighbourly‘ app is aimed at helping new residents of the area to find community groups and centres and get involved locally.  It provides a simple and convenient way to discover places and submit reviews. Helping you to rate places by the following important categories:

  • Good for kids
  • Easy to access
  • Cheap
  • Inclusive

Neighbourly‘ is the result of successful engagement work with Newcastle residents, particularly from the Wingrove ward. Those involved were consulted on what important features the app should include and how it should look and feel, using the App Movement website.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need as many people as possible to add details of community activities onto the map, so when you’ve downloaded the app, please take a moment to add a few locations – particularly if they’re not widely known about.

We want Neighbourly to be as useful as possible to people, living, working and playing in the area, so please help spread the word!

DOWNLOAD THE APP TODAY. Visit Google Play or the Apple Store and simply search ‘Neighbourly’.

Don’t forget to also visit the Facebook groups ‘Friends of Nuns Moor Park’ and ‘Greening Wingrove Street Clean’ to share views and suggestions with neighbours about how to improve our area.

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