Robert Stewart Memorial Hall Church Community Hall By Ann Honey

The Robert Stewart Memorial Hall Church has an old wooden hall at the back of the property.  This has served the community well over many years and is well used by community groups. Sadly it was beginning to show its age – it needed some essential repairs, and it was very cold, even in summer.Bowlers

The church raised the money to pay for the repairs, but with rising fuel prices, it was difficult to keep the hall as an affordable and accessible resource for the community.

The W.E.A. Greening Wingrove Project did a survey of the building and offered to insulate the hall to reduce heat loss and help with heating costs, as part of the their Green Gems network, to develop a number of existing community sites to demonstrate a ‘green’ themed technology or energy measure.

ScoutsThe work began in the summer of 2015. The walls were insulated, the radiators changed for more efficient ones and the ceiling was dropped to stop the heat disappearing into the roof space.

Shortly after the work was finished, the scouts and members of other community groups painted the hall and Banks Community Fund gave the money to have the floor sanded and polished.  The difference is incredible!!Coffee morning

Since the work was finished, all the users have commented on the difference made by the heat saving measures – the hall only takes 15 minutes to heat up, even in the winter, whereas it used to take at least an hour (and it never got really warm!!)

We also discovered that the thermostat on the wall actually works!  In all the time it had been there, the heating had never turned off automatically because it was never warm enough – mainly because it had never reached the temperature before.  At first, we thought the heating was broken – and then we realised that the hall was up to temperature, and the thermostat had turned it off!

Before (1)It’s so wonderful to see the hall being used and loved once again!

Ann Honey has been an active Greening Wingrove Community Champion since the project began in 2013.