Public Consultations Closing

Two public consultations end this month.

The first on climate change, asks the public to contribute their ideas that could help the city reduce its carbon emissions.

The City Council is looking for ideas for everyday, simple things everyone can do now to make a positive difference on climate change” and “ideas for any larger-scale projects, new ways of delivering services, new initiatives, and investment that could be done in the medium to long term.”

The Council says “this is the first stage of our information-gathering from local residents, organisations, academics, businesses and other interested parties.” Findings will be published on the City Council website.

To contribute your ideas, go to the Council’s Hearing from everyone on Climate Change page.

The second public consultation focuses on plans to restructure the city centre which could see Blackett Street closed to buses, creation of new pedestrian-only zones, additional cycling infrastructure and new business districts.

Perhaps the most controversial of the plans is a proposal to close Blackett Street to traffic and re-route buses ‘to create a more people-friendly area’.

“We believe that taking vehicles off Blackett Street permanently will make a huge difference to this part of the city,” says cllr Arlene Ainsley, cabinet member for transport and air quality. “Our intention is for buses to use alternative routes through the city, while continuing to stop at locations close to the main shopping areas.”

Residents and businesses can make comments on the plans through the following links.

  1. Blackett Street area
  2. Northumberland Street area
  3. Clayton Street, Nelson Street, Grey Street, Grainger Street and Old Eldon Square

 “All feedback will be considered before plans are published as part of a Traffic Regulation Order, which will set out the legal changes required to put the plans in place. Once the legal order is published there will be a further opportunity for people to make written comments on the plans,” says the City Council.