Local Elections Quick Guide

Polling stations in Arthur’s Hill and Wingrove wards will be open 7am to 10pm on 2nd May for City Council and North of Tyne mayor elections.

You do not need your polling card to vote, but you must be registered to vote. If you do not know where your nearest polling station is, you can call the City Council on 0191 278 7878, or type in your postcode on the City Council website.

Arthur’s Hill ward candidates

Adam Lee, Newcastle Community First
Joanne Kingsland, Labour
Luigi Murton, Conservative
Shehla Naqvi, Green
William Shepherd, Liberal Democrat

Wingrove ward candidates

John Pearson, Green
Joseph Eldridge, Newcastle Community First
Kamaljeet Singh, Liberal Democrat
Lauren Sykes, Conservative
Rebecca Shatwell, Labour

North of Tyne Mayor candidates

Charlie Hoult, Conservative
Hugh Jackson, UKIP
Jamie Driscoll, Labour
John Appleby, Liberal Democrat
John McCabe, Independent

This is the first time elections are being held for the newly-created position of Mayor for the North of Tyne Combined Authority. The new mayor will work with local councils on issues such as economic development, education and planning and have a £20m annual budget.  The successful candidate will serve for five years.

You will have TWO votes – one for your first choice of candidate and one for your second choice. You do not have to use both choices if you want to vote for one candidate only.