Local Council Elections

Newcastle residents get a chance on Thursday 3 May to vote for who they want to represent them on the city council.

In Arthur’s Hill, Wingrove, Fenham and New Mills, many people will find themselves voting in different electoral areas to ones they are used to voting in. Some will have to vote at different polling stations to ones they did last year. This is because of changes to ward boundaries approved by Parliament in November.

The changes have seen Westgate ward abolished, and many of those living there will now vote as part of a new Arthur’s Hill ward. Some residents who were formerly part of the Wingrove ward will also vote in the new Arthur’s Hill ward. Some former Fenham residents will now vote in Wingrove ward. The city’s 26 wards will continue to be represented by three councillors each.

(Three seats available. Five parties contesting. 11 candidates.)

Conservative: Luigi MURTON, Chrystian RENGIFO, Edward SHEILS
Green: Taymar PITMAN
Labour & Co-operative: Nick FORBES, Joanne KINGSLAND, Nigel TODD
Liberal Democrats: Shirley MANSFIELD, William SHEPHERD, Colin STEEN
Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition: Daniel GILMORE

(Three seats available. Four parties contesting. 11 candidates.)

Liberal Democrats: Andrew MCQUILLIN, Philip MCARDLE, Mohammad FARSI
Labour: Rebecca SHATWELL, Joyce MCCARTY, Irim ALI
Green: John PEARSON, Paula BLAIR
Conservative: Kieran MCNALLY, Neil CAMERON, Harriet BEATY

All 78 seats on the City Council are up for grabs this year, so residents get three votes. Not all three have to be used, and people can vote for just one or two candidates if they choose. Only one vote per candidate will be allowed.

Polling stations will be open 7am to 10pm. All those eligible to vote should have received a poll card, giving them details of where to vote. It is too late to apply to vote by post.

If before 5pm on Thursday 3 May, someone has a medical emergency, or cannot get to a polling station because of work reasons, they can appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf. Call 0191 278 7878 to find out how to do this.