Introducing the Wild West End

What is the Wild West End Project?

It is a two year project to see whether we have hedgehogs, swifts, house martins and bats living in Wingrove and Arthur’s Hill. All of these creatures are classified as ‘at risk’ as the numbers of them are declining in Britain. We want to understand where they nest, where they eat and where they sleep in the winter (hedgehogs and bats) so that together we can make the West End a better place for them.

How can you be involved?

Join our evening walks from 8pm to 9pm across Fenham and Arthur’s Hill to look for swifts and house martins, learn more about them and visit wildlife havens created and looked after by local residents.

Wednesday July 31st – Meet 8pm outside Iceland on Stanhope Street
Wednesday August 7th – Meet 8pm outside the FAR centre, 40-46 Acanthus Ave NE4 9YD

Let us know when you see swifts, house martins, hedgehogs and bats.

We would like people to record when and where they see these creatures. Particularly …

  • Have you seen a house martin nest with birds flying in and out feeding their young this spring or summer?
  • Have you seen house martins flying over green spaces or trees (They will be feeding on insects)?
  • Have you seen swifts flying low over green spaces or houses screeching? (This means they are nesting locally. The ones really high are just travelling through.)
  • Have you seen bats flitting about catching insects?
  • Have you seen any hedgehogs in green spaces or in your garden?

If you do, please tell us!

  • either through the app iNaturalist. (You can record sightings multiple times, but we suggest only recording sightings of each species once a day). For swifts you can record your sightings at the RSPB website but do let Wild West End know too.
  • or send a text or email to the project / 07 410 944 713, including the time when you saw the creature, where you saw it, how many of them there were and anything else you think is interesting.
  • or write down your sightings and drop off the information at the Time Exchange, 235 Stanton St, NE4 5LJ

Don’t worry if you don’t know what type of bat it is, neither do we! Just write bat!

If you are not sure how to tell swifts, swallows and house martins apart, or want guidance on how to count them come along to one of our walks to learn.

If you would like to do more in depth survey work please get in touch. No previous experience needed. In September we need people to adopt a hedgehog tunnel for a week (!) to help us to count hedgehogs, let us know if you would like to help.

The project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.