How To Grow Food In Pots

Are you starting to grow some of your own food in pots? Or tried but struggled to grow successfully?

This online training will give you the essential information you need to start growing food successfully in containers including:

  • What size pot to use
  • When and how to water
  • What compost to use
  • How and when to feed plants in pots
  • The easiest and best crops to grow first.
  • What to grow in sunny and less sunny spaces
  • The most common mistakes and how to avoid them!

Please join us, Tuesday 28th April, 7pm, on Zoom. Places are free but limited and registration is essential. Follow this link to register.

We’d also love to help more people in the Wingrove / Fenham / Arthurs Hill area to grow food successfully. Can you help us spread the word? If so, please forward this information to anyone in the area you think might be interested.

If this session is popular and goes well we will hold regular trainings, covering topics like how to set up a wormery, growing herbs, and managing pests without pesticides.

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