Great & Tiny War

Arthur’s Hill is playing host to an unusual art installation over coming weeks, with a terraced house on Sidney Grove providing the gallery space.

Bobby Bakers’ Great & Tiny War looks at the impact World War One (the Great War) had on a single family with a close connection to the West End, over generations.

It looks at the different roles played by different family members, and how they adapted and worked together.

Often amusing, occasionally quirky, sometimes surprising; the audio-guided tour through the different rooms of the family house is always thought-provoking, as it reveals the complex and subtle ways in which war can exert its influence on domestic life.

Great & Tiny War shines a light on the role of women during wartime and explores how conflicts can have an impact on the mental health of whole families.

“It serves as a monument to women’s unacknowledged private struggles and personal strength, and will resonate with anyone whose family has been touched by conflict”, say local organisers Wunderbar.

It is part of a UK wide arts programme, marking 100 years since the end of the First World War, and will be open until 9 November.

As space is limited, tours must be pre-booked. To book your time slot, go to