A Future for Nuns Moor Park Public Meeting

Tuesday 1st November 2016          6.30-8.00 pm

Nunsmoor Children’s  Centre, Studley Terrace, Arthur’s Hill



The Greening Wingrove CIC, the residents’ led community co-operative, is asking for your ideas on improving Nuns Moor Park?

There are changes under way in the Park. The former Park Keeper’s Lodge is now a house again, the bowling green Pavilion is a centre for gardening, bike repairs and training and can be hired for meetings and parties, and the Depot building could also have a community use (a ‘pop up’ café has already been tried out successfully).

We’ve also planted a new community orchard.

And a Greening Wingrove, working with the Time Exchange, has converted the old bowling green into a community garden.

However, Park maintenance will reduce and the City Council is reviewing the future management of the City’s Parks due to drastic budget cuts.

But we think there will be ways to improve the Park. These will work best if based on what communities in our part of the West End would like to see.

So, we’re still gathering ideas, looking to set-up a Friends of the Park group, as well as a planning group for guiding the future of the Park.

There are a few questions (DOWNLOAD HERE), and we’re holding a public meeting to take things further.