Spring Street Gardening

Spring is in the air; crocuses and daffodils are starting to appear, and the Time Exchange gardening team is getting excited for a new growing season.

Helen and Matt will be running two-hour street planter gardening sessions each Monday and Thursday “weather depending”, when you can learn about gardening and contribute to keeping our streets colourful and in bloom, good for the butterflies, bees and birds.

Monday sessions run from 10am to midday. Thursday sessions are 1pm to 3pm.

To get involved, you need to join Time Exchange, which is open to all local residents. Membership is free and encourages its volunteers to give time helping residents or projects in the community.

In exchange, members can get help they need, ranging from cooking advice, gardening, music lessons, or simply a trip to the shops. No money changes hands. If there’s nothing they need help with, membership also offers the chance to get into events, workshops and training sessions for free. Members can also take advantage of the free local swap and share scheme which allows residents to advertise for items they want or offer things they no longer need to others.

Time Exchange is based in Arthur’s Hill at 235 Stanhope Street, NE4 5LU.