Elswick Pool Open Meeting

Event Details

Campaigners working to get Elswick Pool re-opened will be holding a public meeting this evening.

The pool was closed in October 2015, despite a 4,000-signature petition, after the Council said there was no money to run it. A call was made for “people genuinely committed to giving Elswick Pool a future” to work with the Council in finding a way forward.

Three years later, a group of local residents will be holding its first public annual general meeting, under the name Elswick Community Pool and Leisure Centre, a registered charity.

The group will be reporting on progress it has made in talks with the City Council, its fundraising efforts, its plans to create jobs and training and how it wants to work with local residents.

It also wants to hear from local people about what they want and how they can help in getting the pool re-opened.

The meeting is a public one and open to all residents and health and education service providers in the West End.

The group has a Facebook page ‘The Friends of Elswick Pool’