BUG and MINTCAKE Projects Celebration Event

Event Details

We are preparing an informal event to celebrate the end of the BUG and MINTCAKE projects next Wednesday 22nd of March at the Bike Garden (Nuns Moor Park) from 3.30 to 5.30 pm.

Come to share some cake and tea to celebrate the end of the projects, ask any doubts, and discuss any issues or concerns about air and land quality and urban gardening in Newcastle. Please register using the link below so we are sure to bring enough cake for all!

To attend the event – please register HERE on Eventbrite.

BUG is a pilot-scale experiment designed following concerns voiced by the Greening Wingrove community regarding the effect that traffic pollution may have on the quality and safety of edible plants grown in front gardens. MINTCAKE is also a community-based project that researches the air quality in Newcastle by using mint plants that capture air pollution and can be used to measure and map air quality in the city.
By popular demand, we have also invited Lindsay Bramwell to present the conclusion of the Newcastle Allotment Biomonitoring Study. Her research investigated blood lead levels of gardeners whose plots have raised concentrations of lead, and compare with their non-gardening neighbors.